The immovativ GmbH with seat in the Amberg-house in Hanau

Our tasks

Our company is a software developer and portal operator for municipalities and the real estate industry. The focus is on the development of innovative products for local authorities and business development on the one hand and the operation of online real estate exchanges on the other. With KIP | The municipal real estate portal, we have created a platform with which municipalities, districts and economic regions can operate a regionalised portal to present the local real estate market. Our software aREAL enables municipalities to build up a database of their inner-local potential areas and to create an owner dialogue. In addition to software solutions for municipalities, we operate the Germany-wide real estate portal, which with more than 50,000 real estate offers represents an important platform for real estate providers and seekers. By networking with the municipal real estate portals, we are able to achieve a wide-ranging and search engine optimized presentation of real estate offers on the Internet.

Our history

In 2006, we founded our company with the aim of creating an Internet portal that is tailored to the needs of municipalities and development companies and gives them the opportunity to market construction sites professionally and centrally online.

The portal wunschgrundstü quickly gained in size and importance with its unique selling proposition – the optimal presentation of municipal residential and commercial areas.

Following the relaunch and renaming of the portal as in 2016, the next logical step in the company’s history followed in May 2017 with the change of name from wunschgrundstück GmbH to immovativ GmbH.

In addition to being a pure real estate portal operator, immovativ GmbH is increasingly establishing itself as a software developer and consultant in the real estate industry and in particular for municipalities and business development agencies.