Less consumption of space due to immovative software

immovativ wins the Digital Champions Award

immovativ GmbH wins the regional preliminary decision for the “Digital Champions Award” in the category “Digital Customer Experience” in the Mid-West region.

Every day in Germany, around 60 hectares are newly designated as settlement and traffic areas, which corresponds to an area consumption of around 85 football pitches. Although “land” cannot be “consumed” in the narrower sense of the word, land – like soil – is a finite resource that we humans should use sparingly in order to preserve our livelihoods. Land use is a rather unknown phenomenon that citizens and even political decision-makers hardly notice. Therefore, there is often a lack of awareness of this phenomenon. Perhaps this is also the reason why it has not yet been possible in Germany to sustainably reduce the land consumption of ecologically valuable areas.

But the way to a more sustainable consumption of areas is not easy for the municipalities, because often valid data and statistics are missing, which show them exactly what is still possible in the inner city. The company innovativ GmbH has recognized this problem and made it its business to help the municipalities to reduce land consumption sustainably. With their software aREAL and a mobile application, municipalities can record, digitize and evaluate their building gaps, brownfields, vacancies, increase and post-compaction potentials. In this way, existing settlement and traffic areas can be analysed in order to make even better and more effective use of them before new greenfield sites are consumed.

While cities are growing and urgently need affordable housing, rural areas are struggling with urban vacancies. However, the cities and municipalities have one thing in common: they lack the digital instruments to reduce the new use of ecologically valuable areas. With the database and the aREAL software, municipalities can digitally map this data in a simple and modern way and even call up corresponding statistics. This enables sustainable settlement development that follows the “inside before outside” principle. Instead of building new buildings on “greenfield sites”, municipalities can conserve their outside areas by using their possibilities for inner development (brownfields, gaps between buildings, vacancies) in a compatible way. At the same time, an improved urban climate can be created and nature protected.

In addition, immovativ GmbH provides municipalities with their own municipal real estate platform (KIP), on which the available space or real estate can be offered if required. Citizens, but also potential investors can find the areas on the Internet more easily in this way.