State capital Erfurt focuses on interim uses –
new module for the municipal real estate platform

Erfurt/Hanau in March 2021 – The state capital Erfurt has been operating the ‘ZwischenZeitRaum’ portal since this month. This enables Erfurt’s citizens to make properties for interim use concepts digitally visible and market them via the municipal real estate portal.

It is already becoming apparent that the pandemic will not only bring challenges for trade and gastronomy. It will also permanently change the image of our city centres. A massive increase in vacancies is to be expected in the city centres. This poses major problems for the municipalities, since on the one hand they want to counteract the desolation of neighbourhoods and on the other hand they have to avoid the external image of the city centre through empty shop windows and properties. There is a massiv danger that the vacancies themselves will increase and thus multiply, leading to a trading-down effect.

With interim use, it is possible to use real estate for a limited period of time before moving on to a long-term rental. It can also skilfully bridge the necessary period until a change of use takes place. Interim use is not just an emergency solution. With early planning and proactive counteraction, interim use concepts for vacant properties offer a chance to bring these spaces back to life. This means that we need more interim uses now.

The state capital of Erfurt recognised the great advantage of interim uses in vacant spaces at an early stage. In order to market these spaces effectively, the city of Erfurt has expanded its own existing municipal real estate platform (KIP) to include the interim use module and goes new innovativ ways. In the module called ‘ZwischenZeitRaum’ of the state capital Erfurt, owners can now react proactively to vacancies and advertise their spaces for interim use. At the same time, artists, cultural workers, companies and start-ups can find potential spaces and get in touch with the municipality or city marketing.

We are very pleased to be able to provide technical support for this project. You can find more information in the official press report of the city of Erfurt: 

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