Visions for the future of the city

For the special supplement of the Hanauer Anzeiger “Wirtschaft an Main und Kinzig”, editor Jasmin Jakob interviewed the managing directors of immovativ GmbH Stefan Müller-Schleipen and Bo Nintzel. In her article she describes very clearly the field of activity and the visions of the Hanau-based company.

Immovativ GmbH, based in Hanau, Germany, shows how urban planning can benefit from the possibilities of digitalisation. Using their software aREAL, managing directors Stefan Müller-Schleipen and Bo Nintzel record vacancies, brownfields and other properties in a city and present them in interactive maps. User-friendly for clerks in building authorities, investors, business developers or mayors. Soon there will be 3-D models that can be viewed through virtual reality glasses.

Two tablets stand on the table in front of the large flat-screen TV in the conference room of Immovativ GmbH. Through the window front you can look directly into the city centre: onto the Nürnberger Straße and onto the Hanauer City-Center, behind which two high, red construction cranes protrude. They stand on the site where only five years ago the oldest inner-city farm in Hanau stood, for years it lay fallow, unused. Following the sale to an investor, new residential and commercial space is now being created there in a six-part building complex. Stefan Müller-Schleipen and Bo Nintzel, the managing directors of Immovativ GmbH, also use virtual windows to keep an eye on such areas, which are distributed in a similar form throughout the entire city area.